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These steps should be followed for:

1. Orders with a 2nd publication date appearing in brackets after the first publication date.
2. Orders with a Gobi detail indicating that the item is a reprint, a re-issue, or is not new.

  • Search catalogUSMAI for the title (if the title is very common and you get too many results, you can use an author/title keyword search).

  • Look at matching records with any publication date. If UMBC has no holdings on any record for any edition of the title, it's a bib null, dup null. If UMBC has holdings on records for any edition, follow these procedures:

If necessary, confirm it's a reprint and what it's a reprint of:
  • Search WorldCat to determine if the item is really a reprint, and if so, what it's a reprint of. Look for either two publication dates in the WorldCat record (indicating that it's a reprint by the same publisher) or a note indicating that the item is a reprint (usually of an item originally published by another publisher). If it's not a reprint, write "not a reprint" on the order, sign your initials, and search the item as usual.

Make a duplicate decision first:
  • If UMBC has holdings on a record with either of the dates given on the order , or another reprint of the same edition with a different date (for example, if we have a 1963 reprint of a 1905 edition, we are not going to purchase the 2004 reprint of the same 1905 title), compare the information on the order slip with the record for the item UMBC holds.

  • Rarely, new information, such as a new preface, introduction, or notes, has been added to the reprint--give these to the Acquisitions Librarian to make a decision.

  • Most likely, the reprint is exactly the same as what UMBC already has, and it's a duplicate. Check availability. If there are any problems with the holdings listing, such as "In Process," "Lost," etc., give the order to the Acquisitions Librarian to make a decision.

  • If we do own a duplicate item, delete or recycle the request.

If it's not a duplicate, make a Bib decision:
  • If there's an exact match to the reprint order, including the year, we'll use that bibliographic record, proceed as usual.

  • If everything except the ISBN and year on an order for a reprint match a record in the system, we'll use that record for the order, proceed as usual.

  • If there's no record that can be used for the order, simply proceed as usual and a record will be selected and exported later.

  • Be sure to record, initial, and date your Bib and Dup results. Also write "Reprint" and your initials on the order to indicate that you've searched the item as a reprint

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