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Streaming Video Procedures

Requests for Streaming Media will come through either the RT form or via emails from Kanopy

  • Search the title in the catalog.

    • If we own the title on DVD, inform the requestor and close the request. 

    • If we do not own the film on DVD, search AVON and FOD. (

      • If found in these databases, send the link to the requestor and close the request

  • Perform a google search for the film to determine if it is available streaming or on DVD

    • If not available through AVON or FOD, the preference is to purchase a DVD where possible. If a DVD is available inform the requestor of this option and our policy. If they agree, purchase the DVD. 

    • In general, we will not purchase from Kanopy. If this is the only available option, inform them of the ability to access these film using a public library account. If they push for the kanopy film, forward their request to the Acquisitions Manager

Sample Kanopy Email: 

Unfortunately, the library is no longer supporting Kanopy streaming films. We do have access to large databases of streaming films which you can find here: . Kanopy films can also be accessed with a public library account. Additionally, the library can purchase this film on DVD, which can be placed on reserve or checked out and shown in class. 

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