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RT Request Procedures

RT Web Order Procedures

  • New requests will generate an email to both the account and the reference librarian of the department listed in the request. 

  • Requests not coming directly from the library liaison will require an approval in the form of a reply to the ticket. 

  • Monitor all incoming tickets, ensure the approval, and assign the owner based on the request details 


    • To assign an owner: Click “The Basics”, change the name, save changes

    • A notification email will be sent to the new owner

    • Updates will now be sent to the owner, not the libraryacq email

  • Once the ticket is assigned the order will be processed: 

    • Questions and updates should be sent to the requestor via replies to the ticket

  • When the order is complete, update the status by choosing "Actions" then "Resolve"

    • Enter the status suck as "ordered" or a reason for rejection in the reply box and choose update ticket. The requestor will be notified. 

    • To resolve an order without notification choose "comments" in the Update Type dropdown box under Ticket and Transaction.

    • Replies to this ticket will reopen the ticket and it will have to be resolved again to remove it from the queue

    • Orders will remain in the queue until resolved. 

To Find a Previously Closed Ticket

  • Under the search menu select Tickets, then New Search

  • Enter a portion of the title in the Subject field

  • Click Add these Terms and Search

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