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PAW Ordering Procedures - Amazon

All orders should be placed using PAW (includes Marketplace). Foreign Amazon orders should be placed with a P-Card

Placing the Order

  • Prior to placing an order, confirm amazon availability and group all Amazon orders

  • Open the Paw Procurement System 

  • Open the Amazon punchout by clicking on the tile under General. It will open in a new window

  • Search title and Add to Cart

    • Once all items are added to the cart, 

    • Confirm that items in the cart are correct, including the quantities

    • Proceed to checkout, choose pay by invoice, then submit order for approval

    • You will then be directed back to PAW

  • Verify the contents on your cart once again, then choose checkout

  • Enter the chart string number

  • Click submit for approval - order is not placed until approved by AD

Receiving the Items

  • Wait until all items have arrived and been verified

  • Open the PAW procurement system

  • Click My Purchase Orders and located the order by matching the JO#

  • Choose the invoices tab 

    • Match the PAW invoices to the Amazon invoices and make note of the JI# to use in Aleph

    • Verify that the total of all invoices match the Amazon documentation

  • Choose the small arrow next to the heading

  • Select Create Quantity Receipt

  • Only if all items have arrived, select create receipt

Cancelled Items

  • Wait until any remaining items have arrived

  • When creating the quantity receipt choose "cancelled" in the drop down menu for the item(s) that were cancelled

  • Proceed as usual

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