Cable Television

In February 2020 the legacy academic and administrative campus cable television system will be disconnected. From that time on departments who need television services will be required to purchase a streaming TV service. DoIT will continue to provide local channels for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester but all other channels will cease functioning.  The new streaming service released in the residents halls in Fall of 2019 will be unaffected by this change. 

DoIT has worked with Procurement to authorize YouTube TV as the recommended streaming service. This service can be bought with a University Purchasing Card for around $50/month. A subscription comes with a nice channel lineup, online DVR storage, and support for multiple simultaneous streams. 

For additional questions or support setting up a YouTube TV deployment please contact DoIT through the campus TSC.

Summarized YouTube TV setup:

  1. Sign up for a YouTube TV account at YouTube TV. You will be able to use your myUMBC account as a login for this service, you simply need to link the service to your account by selecting to login with a Google account. 

    During the setup process you may receive a warning as follows:

    "We recommend using a Gmail account. If you use your G Suite account, you won't be able to share your YouTube TV account with a family group and YouTube TV won't work on  some Android TVs."

    Select "Continue Anyway"

  2. During the setup process you are given a choice on payment method, elect to use a Credit Card and use a departmental Purchasing Card.

  3. Once your account setup is complete you only need to select the player you wish to use from the list provided of supported devices.

    Supported Devices

    DoIT recommends these Wireless or Wired devices from Roku.