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Rush and Priority NYP Follow-up

  • Every week, check the availability of:

    • The pending orders located in the manilla folder labeled "No Publication Date Available"

    • The pending orders whose date has arrived. For example, if it is March 12 you want to pull out all rush requests with a publication date of March 12 or earlier from the manilla "March NYP Rush" folder.
      All NYP Rush order files are located in the tray labeled "Not Yet Published Follow-up Required" - in front of the Special Ordering Technician's desk.

  • Search the titles in catalogusmai to ensure that we have not gotten a copy or that another order does not exist. If it appears that there may be another order, search the title in Aleph. If an order for the title is in Aleph, print out a copy of the order record and give it to the Special Ordering Technician. (Remember, you print the record by clicking "Print/Cancel and selecting "Record Information Only")

  • Search the items in Barnes & Noble. If you find a record then print it out. You want to make note if the item is still not published and if possible, record the new due date. If the item is available in 3 days or less , we will place the order with Barnes and Noble and no further inquiry is necessary.

  • If the item is not readily available from Barnes and Noble, then search the title in Amazon. As before, print out the record and make a note if there is a new publication date. If the item appears to be available from Amazon in 3 days or less, we will place the order with them.

  • If both sites agree that the item is still not published (a new due date has been posted), make sure the new date has been recorded on the follow-up form and the top right corner of the order form, and file it in the appropriate folder.

  • If the item is not available from Barnes and Noble or Amazon, try searching for the item with the publisher. Hopefully by searching a publisher's online catalog you can determine the publication status. If the publisher's website shows that a title was recently published then waiting a week to search Barnes and Noble or Amazon is probably best because these vendors are probably awaiting supply from the publisher.
    If you cannot find any information about the title from the publisher's website, please contact them by email, phone, or fax to determine the item's availability. (If you send an email, print out a copy and put it with the order)

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