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Rush and Priority OP Score Searching

  • Check the OP file and get the oldest search file that contains orders. For example, if it is February, and the May and November files contain orders, search the May folder and then the November folder.

  • Please note: Before searching scores, check for email or web documentation from the publisher that the item is OP. If this is not attached, please contact the publisher before doing out-of-print searching for scores.

    1. Search AddAll for the title. *Please note:*We cannot purchase items from,, or anyone who can only accept VISA through

    2. Print the page of product details, taking care to get the condition of the score on the printout, and the seller's detailed information.

    3. If not found on AddAll, search Sheet Music Plus for the title, composer, and ISMN.

    4. Print the page of product details.

    5. If the item we are seeking is not available from AddAll or Sheet Music Plus, search Google. Try different combinations. The ISMN alone can sometimes bring up relevant records. If this doesn't work, try searching for the title and composer.

    6. Print any pages containing product details, taking care to get the condition of the score on the printout if it is used, and the seller's details.

    7. If none of these searches have proved fruitful, try using Google to locate the composer's email address. A search of the title and the composer's name may bring up a current resume or contact information for the author.

    8. Print any relevant information. If an email address is available and the item is not available from other sources, give the order to your supervisor.

  • If no record is found of the item anywhere, record your searches on the Out-of-Print slip and refile the order under the current month in the OP Score file.

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