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CD Searching Procedures

  1. We do not want to be wedded to the information provided to us by the requestor; label and title are often incorrect. To give us further information about the requested item try the following:

    • If an ASIN or Amazon link has been provided,search The ASIN can be entered into the search bar on the homepage.

    • If another vendor link has been provided, search their webpage using the information provided on the request.

      • If a record is found in use the Product Details to gain the appropriate search parameters for Catalog USMAI searching. You should still search Barnes & Noble for the item because that is our first choice for vendor. If the item contains more than 2 CDs, just print contents, not a listing of each track.

  2. To search the catalog, input the last name(s) of the composer(s) and conductor/performer(s) and a meaningful word from the title into the All Fields Word Search. You may limit your search to Sound recordings/CD.

    • We prefer the name of a performing group over the names of individual performers, unless they are soloists (the bibliographic record does not usually include the names of individual members of a group).

    • Avoid numbers that are part of the title, (e.g. drop the "6" from "6 Sonaten"), though opus numbers and thematic index numbers are okay to use (e.g. op.4 or K453)

    • If you retrieve nothing on the first try, broaden the search by dropping the title word and only including the composers and performers.

    • DO NOT use any hyphens, commas, or any other non-text characters in the search.

Duplicate CD Searching:

In general we shouldn't have 2 recordings of the same piece by the same interpreter:

  • If a symphony, this is the conductor

  • If a concerto, this is the soloist

  • If a work for a chamber ensemble, then the interpreter is the chamber ensemble

  • Operas are a little more tricky, but we will determine a duplicate according to the conductor

  1. If you retrieve a record, compare the composer(s), performer(s) and track list on the vendor record to the bibliographic record.

    • Titles and composers may be listed in the title field (245) and/or the contents field (505).

    • Performers' names are generally listed in a notes field (511) or the contents field (505). In popular music, they may also be listed in the title field (245)

    • The description field (300) for a CD should always include the following words:

      • sound disc

      • digital

      • 4 3/4 in.

  2. If multiple records match on the above criteria, then compare the label name given by the vendor to that in the publishedfield (260) in the bibliographic record. Keep in mind that the 260 fields may not match, but the items could still be the same. An example of this would be if a recording was re-released by a different record company. In the MARC Tags view of the record you can check the 028 field for some similarity to the vendor's "catalog number." You can also check the 024 field (with 1st indicator "1") for the UPC code. If you find a record that matches, put a bib check and print out the record.

  3. If the information mostly matches but there are some discrepancies, put a question mark on the BIB line of the CD Searching form.

  4. Put all orders in the Special Ordering Technician's in-box.


  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Go to Amazon Advanced Music Search.

  3. Use the appropriate search bars for the genre of the music. If you are not sure of the genre, search both.

  4. If provided, use the "Catalog Number" field to conduct the search. If not enter a composer and a performer, conductor, or label.

Using Barnes & Noble:

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Go to Barnes & Noble Music.

  3. Using the search bar on the top left, select "All" from the drop down menu and enter several different search terms such as composer, label, or performer.

If not available on Barnes & Noble or Amazon:

  1. Check all amazons - delete the .com and add appropriate ending (, .ca, .fr, .de,

  2. Check arkivmusic - usually go by label, but composer, performer and catalog # work also.

  3. If available, check the record labels website - sometimes they can provide you with important ordering information

  4. other possible websites:

  5. If none of the vendors have the item available, print the page with the most product information, attach it to the back.

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