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AMST 392 Lewis Hine Photo Assignment

Students from Dr. Orser's American Studies 392 class will be visiting Special Collections to view 10 Lewis Hine photographs. 

  •  Make sure each student registers (if they've never been here) and signs in.

  • Some students may email the accession numbers and we will pull the photos in advance.

    • If this happens, follow the below procedures for the sign up sheet, write the student's name and the 10 accession numbers on the tab of the folder, and place the folder in the AMST 392 document boxes in alphabetical order.

  • There will be a sign up sheet that has the Hine accession numbers. 

    • The student will write his/her Last Name, First Initial next to all the numbers of the photos they wish to see.

  • Each student will be provided with an acid-free folder.

    • The student will lightly print his/her name and their 10 accession numbers on the tab of the folder.

  • We will retrieve the photos from the boxes in the Hine cabinet (please do not give an entire box or folder from the box to the student) and place them in the student's folder.

  • Give the folder with photos to the student. 

  • Remember to give him/her a pair of white gloves and carefully show proper handling.

  • When the student is finished viewing the photos, place his/her folder in the document box marked, "AMST 392."

    • We will try to keep the folders in alphabetical order.

    • The boxes will be stored on the ILL shelf.

  • When the assignment is due, Dr. Orser will come in to SC and look at all the folders.


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