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Emergency Plan - Students

Emergency Plan: STUDENTS

 Follow these steps when responding to disasters/emergencies that affect the materials in  Special Collections:

1. Evacuate immediately if your personal safety is in danger

2. Remain calm!

3. Immediately notify a supervisor

**If the Sapphire System alarm sounds:

-  If you hear a single beep from the smoke detector:

Þ  Evacuate, tell a supervisor if you are near them

-  If you hear a double beep (fast succession of beeps):

Þ    You have 30 seconds to EXIT AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE

Medical Emergency:

-  If you have a minor injury, the First Aid Kit is located in Room 110, on the shelves by the sign-in table

-  If a patron or coworker is in need of immediate medical attention:

Þ    Report the emergency:  Call Library Security at x52331

Þ    Provide information about the nature of the problem, your name, location and phone number.

Þ    Do not hang up. Keep an open phone line until emergency response personnel arrive.

Þ    If you are trained, give first aid.

Þ    Do not move the person.

Þ    Have someone meet and escort medical personnel to the person.

Damage to materials from water:

-  Inform the Curator, Librarian, Archivist or Technician on duty

-  Wait until trained personnel arrive before handling damaged collection materials

Do not re-enter the area until you have permission from the authorities!

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