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Desk Procedures - Greeting Visitors

Two people are required to be at the desks at all times during open hours!

  • One to collect materials, make copies and page materials

  • One to watch patrons: Please watch patrons carefully! Pay attention.

Procedures

1.  Ask if patron if s/he is a first time or returning visitor.

    a) Returning patrons:

  • Ask for their photo ID and look them up in the patron database to ensure we have their registration on file

  • Have the patron sign-in on the Patron sign-in sheet

    b) First time patrons:

  • They must fill out a Patron Registration Form

           (this form needs a complete formal address not just a campus address)

  • Make a copy of student identification card or driver's license

  • Staple together with form and place in tray on desk

  • When time allows, enter information into the SpecCol Patron database; a short-cut is found on the desktop of the first two front desk computers

    • Begin by assigning them a new number, and then add information as required in each column of spread sheet.

    • Save information in computerFile alphabetically by last name in the bottom drawer of the desk


2.  Explain the rules for using Special Collections Reading Room, before paging materials and when you bring the patron their requested materials!

  • They must leave book bags and belongings on table by the entrance, or lock them in a locker.  We have tokens for lockers in the desk drawer.

  • Coats must be hung up on the rack or put on the table by the entrance.

  • No food or drinks allowed

  • They are not allowed to use pen*: only pencil* or laptop computers to record information.

  • They must sit facing the office or computer desk

  • No cell phone calls while using the reading room

3.  If the patron is not sure what they are looking for, show them the patron computer which faces into the room for their convenience.  When they find what they want to see, explain how to fill out the Call Slip completely.

  • Call Slip Required Information

    • Collection Name and Call Number or Accession Number

    • Date

    • Author and Title

    • Patron's full name

    • Student, faculty or visitor designation

4.  When the patron knows what they need, show them how to fill in a call slip and ask them to take a seat. 

5.   Items requested by the patron should be paged by one of the two desk attendants.

6.   Remember to look up and watch the patrons!  A large part of your job is to ensure the security and proper handling of the materials.  Please make sure that patrons are handling the materials correctly.  If not, approach them and kindly show them how to properly handle them.

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