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Bookscanner Instructions

BookDrive Model B Scanning Procedures

To Capture Images

  1. Switch on the left computer and then the right one.

  2. Switch on the monitor.

  3. Turn on the BookDrive using the surge protector switch found on the right side of the table.

  4. Remove the camera lens caps and place them in front of the computers.

  5. Turn on the cameras using the small lever switches on the lower, back, right side of each camera.

  6. Place the material to be copied in the cradle with the top nearest to you. Raise the V-cradle carefully and place the item under it. For very large and heavy books, seek assistance so that you do not have to raise the V-cradle and handle the book at the same time. Position books so that the center of the V-cradle does not distort the image.

    • Use bags of shot (found in the second drawer on the left of the Special Collections front desk) to support the binding as needed.

  7. Log on using the Libspecstudent username and password.

  8. Open the BookDrive program.

  9. Enter the book title or other unique identifier and click "Next," then "Start."

  10. Click on the camera icon to ready the cameras for capture.

  11. There are two methods of capturing images:

    • In the BookDrive program, click the enter button, or, under "Capture," click "Double Capture."

    • Switch on the "auto switch" under the left side of the V-cradle. Raise the cradle and lower it; the cameras will automatically take the pictures. Repeat as needed to capture successive pages.

  12. Captured images save automatically to I:\SpecColl\Images\bookdrive[unique identifier]. The images are individually numbered.

  13. Open Photoshop on the computer and open the saved images. Make any needed adjustments and save. In the reading room, process the images as dictated by the request.

  14. Once the patron's needs for the files are satisfied, delete them to free space on the I:\ drive.

To Close the BookDrive Each Day

  1. Switch off the cameras and replace the lens caps.

  2. Shut down the main computer. Hold the power button on the right computer until you hear its shut-down jingle.

  3. Switch off the monitor and the surge protector.

  4. Be sure to hit the lights on your way out.

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