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Oversize Drawer Organization Project

Oversize Drawer Organization Project


  • Get a complete inventory of items in the map drawers

  • Add correct location information to PastPerfect records

  • Ensure that materials in the map drawers are properly housed and stored safely

  • Ensure that drawers are clearly and correctly labeled to facilitate retrieval and reshelving

  • Attemp to store works by the same artist in the same drawer



  • Gloves must be worn

  • Cart

  • Pad of paper

  • Pencil

  • 20 pt. folder stock

  • Bone folder (or Teflon folder)

  • Cutting mat

  • Sturdy metal ruler

  • X-Acto knife

  • There will be a table moved into the vault that you can use to make the folders or put extra large items that don't fit on the cart.


  1. There is a list of photographic materials in the map drawers located in: I:\SpecColl\susan\Map_Drawers_Contents

    1. Note:  There may be more items in the drawers that are not on this list

  2. Start with the first drawer in the vault

  3. Remove items from the drawer and put onto a cart

  4. Make a list of all the items that you've taken out of that drawer (accession number and artist name, if you know it).

  5. Look on the Map Drawers Contents list

    1. Check off the items that are on the list

  6. Note on your list if the location listed on the Map Drawers Contents list is correct

  7. Make folders for materials that do not already have folders, or whose folders are insufficient

    1. Find the grain of the folder stock.  You always want to fold in the direction of the grain

    2. Place the item on a large sheet of 20 pt. folder stock (put it towards the bottom corner of the sheet, leaving 1/4 inch space between the item and the bottom and side edge of the sheet)

    3. Make sure that there is enough to fold over the item

    4. Fold the folder stock over the item and mark where the top meets the bottom edge

    5. Measure a 1/4 inch along the side of the item that is not already 1/4 inch from the side edge of the sheet and mark with a pencil

    6. Remove the photograph

    7. Cut the folder at your marks so that it is 1/4 inch from all sides of the folder and that the top and bottom edges are equal

    8. Once cut, fold the folder and use the bone folder to make a nice, clean fold/crease

  8. Using the pencil, mark the folder on the upper left corner (along the edge of the fold) with the artist's name (Last name, First name) and the accession number of the piece under the name

    1. Note:  if you don't know the photographer's name, look it up in PastPerfect (do a search by Object ID and use the accession number.  See 13.a, b, c, and d below)

  9. Place the item back inside the folder

  10. Once you have all of the materials from the drawer properly foldered, carefully place them back in the drawer.

    1. The largest items should go on the bottom, and the smallest on the top -- even if this means that multiple works by a single artist will not be stored on top of each other.  Size is most important.

  11. Repeat these steps with all of the drawers.

  12. If you notice that artwork from an artist is scattered among more than one drawer, try to see if it will all fit together in one drawer, even if you have to move another artist's work to a different drawer.

    1. If you do move things around, make sure to note the most recent and correct location on your list!!

  13. Once every item has a proper folder and location, it is time to update the records in PastPerfect.

    1. Open PP and go to the Photos catalog

    2. Click on Find

    3. In the dropdown menu, choose Object ID

    4. Put in the accession number (don't forget the "P" that precedes every accession number)

    5. When the record opens, click on Edit

    6. Go to Home Location

    7. Put in the correct location (see the Location Standards for help)

      1. AOK:VLT:FF[put in the correct FF #]:D[put in the correct drawer number]

      2. Example: AOK:VLT:FF4:D1

  14. After all of the records have been updated, create labels for the map drawers with the last name of the photographer and the accession numbers.

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