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Procedures - Numbering Eisenbud photographic prints

The procedure below outlines the workflow for assigning and documenting a unique number to each of the photographic prints in the Jule Eisenbud collection on Ted Serios and Thoughtography. 

  1. Set up your workstation: You will need cotton gloves, a sharp pencil, a gum eraser, a clean piece of acid free paper, a placeholder (piece of paper), and the numbering log sheet. These should all be kept with the Eisenbud photographs.  The Eisenbud photographs are stored in the Vault, so you will need a staff member to retrieve them for you.

  2. Locate the numbering log sheet. Refer to the "last box and folder location" field - this is where you should begin.

    1. Because there can be multiple prints in a folder, please do not assume that the folder listed has been completed. There may be additional prints in that folder that need to be numbered.

    2. Only one person should work on this project at a time so that the numbering is consistent.

    3. Over the course of a day or week, more than one person may be working on the project.  Please be sure that you use the numbering log to record what you have completed. This will help the student that works on this project to locate where they should start.

  3. Locate the appropriate box and folder. Remove the photographs from the folder and maintain their order. Do not rearrange the prints, please.

  4. Remove the print or prints from the print sleeve.  If there are multiple prints in a sleeve, please maintain their order.

  5. Locate the last print that was numbered. Confirm that the number on this print matches the "last number assigned" on the numbering log sheet.

  6. Take the next print to be numbered and lay it flat, print side down and verso side facing you, on a clean piece of acid free paper.  Orient the photograph so that the top of the print, if known, is located correctly.  Please ask a staff member if you need another piece of paper.

  7. Write the unique idenitification number on the verso of the photograph, very lightly with pencil, in the lower margin.

    1. The format of the unique idenitification number is: Coll23_Series number_4 digit consecutive number

    2. The Series number will be either 11.1, 11.2, or 11.3 - this is indicated on the folder. The Series is 11 and the second number indicates the subseries.

    3. Determine the 4 digit consecutive number by looking at the previous print, then using the next number. Always use 4 digits (use leading zeros if necessary). This number will return to 0001 at the start of each subseries.

    4. For example, the first print from subseries 2 (Thoughtographs) will be numbered: Coll23_11.2_0001. The 105th print in subseries 1 will be numbered: Coll23_11.1_0105.

    5. Please ask for assistance if you are unsure what number to use!! If a print is numbered incorrectly it will disrupt the entire project. If you think you have accidently numbered a sequence out of order, or find that another student may have, please let a Special Collections staff member know. We will not be mad, we will be grateful for your honesty.

  8. If negatives are included, write the number on the print sleeve.  If you need additional sleeves to isolate the negatives, as a Special Collections staff member.

  9. Prints located in oversized folders will be numbered last.  You should not number them in order with the larger print group.

  10. It is very important that the unique identification numbers are not duplicated on more than one print, or that a number is skipped.  Please be very careful that you are sticking to the numbering order.  You may use the back of the numbering log as scrap paper to record the previously used number as you move from folder to folder or box to box.  If you believe that you are a fellow student or staff member may have accidently skipped or duplicated a number, please let a Special Collections staff member know!  We can fix it so that unique id numbers are assigned and all the other work does not have to be redone, but only if we known that this needs to be done.

  11. Please keep track of the number of photographs that have writing on the verso side. You may wish to record an informal tally as you are numbering the photographs.  This will help us to determine the total number of scans necessary for the collection (front and backs of the prints).

  12. When you are done for the day, please fill out the numbering log sheet with your name, the date, the last box and folder used, and the last number used. Please also record the number of photographs that have writing on the back (V ##, for example).

  13. Ask a staff member to return the materials to the Vault.

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