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Procedures - Fichter Inventory

Where: Room 217 (must sign out key)

In general, pieces on the tall metal shelf and the boxes and framed pieces around it have been inventoried.  Cathy has been working through the green flat files. 

Start inventorying: 

  • the large gray flat files

  • the orange flat files

  • the small gray flat files.  

  • the pile next to the gray flat files and the rolled canvasses also have yet to be inventoried.  

  • **If you are unsure if something has been archived or not, there are files on both the laptop and the I-drive.


  1. Check out the laptop

  2. Open the Fichter inventory document:

  3. Go to Room 217, in the back

  4. Examine artwork for the title, artist (Fichter kept work by students and friends), and condition.

  5. Measure the artwork in inches (height x width)

  6. Enter data into word document as follows:

    1. "Title" (subject if untitled), artist if not RWF

      1. Condition

      2. Frame or matting size (h x w)

      3. Image size (h x w)

      4. What kind of art it is (painting, photo, drawing, mixed media, etc.)

      5. Save!

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