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Retriever Weekly procedures - scans

  1. Open Project Client, open Retriever Weekly (collection) Retriever pdfs (project name).

  2. Upload items to work space on Project Client.  Use Add Item option, click browse.

  3. To edit the fields listed below, double click on icon of the paper.

    1. Title: Retriever Weekly, The (Volume ##, Issue ##) OR (Volume ##, Number ##) Do not need to include leader 0s as we do in the file names.  May be Deceiver, Pretriever Weekly, etc.  Use the title that is on the front page of the issue.

    2. Title - Alternative: When there is an alternate title (example: Deceiver, The) use the volume's set title (example: Retriever, The).

    3. Volume: Volume ##, Issue ## OR Volume ##, Number ##. Do not need to include leader 0s as we do in the file names.

    4. Date: Publication date, yyyy-mm-dd

    5. Cataloger: your name: Lastname, Firstname

    6. Notes: Any additional information about the publication (wrong or missing issue #, special edition, etc)

    7. Related materials: Print copy and high resolution images available in Special Collections.

    8. Number of pages: Add p. to the page number listed, example: 24 p.

    9. Measurements: 11.25 x 16 in. (use the Excel metadata sheet to confirm)

    10. Save using button located on the upper left.

  4. Some fields need to be populated at the page level also.

    1. Change the view of the metadata. Click View Structure > View Spreadsheet. This is located just below the Save button.

    2. Click on the top field for Publication Title, so that it is highlighted in blue.

    3. Select Edit > Fill > Fill Down.

    4. Repeat for Date, Creators, DCMI Type, and Work Type fields.

    5. Save using the button located on the upper left.

  5. Move to the next item using the Save & Next button in the upper right.

  6. Upload the item (Also located on the upper blue ribbon). Lindsey will review, approve and index the collection.

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