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Procedures - Refoldering University Archives materials

One preservation method for caring for paper records is to folder materials in acid free folders.  Acidic paper can "burn" or discolor other paper.  Acid free folders prevent this by removing the materials from potentially damaging folders, but they can also neutralize the acidity of the paper records.  We also refolder archival materials so that we can properly label them to increase access and security.

Use folders that have a tab that runs the length of the folder itself and only write on the tab. Always label folders in PENCIL and please write clearly.

Layout of folder label:

Top left corner: Collection title

Bottom left corner: Series #, Box #, Folder # (You may be asked to leave the box and folder #s blank until the full collection is processed)

Top right corner: Folder title

Bottom right corner: Date

In these records, many folder titles will begin with a "sort phrase" that groups like materials together.  See in the example above the sort phrase, University Relations.  If the folder that you are working with does not have a sort phrase and does not fit with the neighboring folders, please ask Jeff or Lindsey for guidance. Please alphabetize the folders within a sort phrase.


Many of the folders will have suggested date ranges listed on the front of the folder; please review the contents in the folder and double check that this date range accurately represents the contents of the folder.  Use the following formats:
1990, 2005-2008
circa 1990

Wrong formats:
1990, 1992, 1995, 1999-2005 (only use one comma within a date range)
approx 1990
no date

Preservation photocopies

Some folders contain newspaper clippings that relate to the contents of the folder. 
Student assistants: Flag the file for review using the provided half sheets of paper.
Graduate assistants: Please photocopy these clippings using acid free paper (not the paper in the photocopier, see Lindsey for acid free paper first), return the photocopies to the folder, then dispose of the original clippings.  If necessary, using pencil please write the publication information on the photocopy (publication title, date, issue #, page #).

Oversized materials

Items that are larger than 8x11 inches should be removed and placed in proper housing. Storing paper folded or rolled will damage the item over time.
Student assistants: Flag the file for review using the provided half sheets of paper.
Graduate assistants: If the items are legal size: create a folder as normal, then create a legal size folder with the same label information; place the items in the legal size and move to the designated legal size box for that series/collection (ask Lindsey).  Complete a document removal form and place it in the letter size folder - include a detailed description of the legal size documents so that researchers can adequately determine if they need to go to the legal or oversized box. If the item is larger than legal size: create a folder as normal, complete a document removal form, and flag the item for review by Lindsey.

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