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Procedures - Recording a new voicemail message

1.  Look in I:\SpecColl\phone greetings for the correct year's folder.  If there is no greeting made for the current semester, please let a supervisor know.  S/he will rewrite the greeting with the correct semester, the first open date, the last day open, and any closings (e.g. for Thanksgiving, Spring Break).

2. Make sure you are on x52353

3.  Call x51121

4.  Press the # key

5.  Enter our password

6.  Press 8 (to change answering options)

7.  Press 1 (to change greetings)

8.  Press 1 (to change your greeting when no one answers the phone)

9.  Press 1 to record

10.  Read the script for the current semester

11.  Press # when finished reading

12.  To listen to the greeting, press 7 then 3.

13.  Listen to the prompts and respond accordingly if you are satisfied with the recording, or if you would like to record the message over.

14.  Hang up

15.  Call x52353 and allow it to ring to voicemail to ensure that your message has been saved.

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