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Procedures - Upon Arrival


1. Sign in.

2. Check the ILL box to see if there are any requests.  If so, please complete them.

3. Check the Reshelving Cart.  If there are books to reshelve, please reshelve them.

4. Check the "New Books to be Processed" shelf.  If there are new books to be processed, please process them.

5. Check the New Patron Registration box.  If there are forms to be entered into the database, please enter them.

6. Check the main telephone for messages, and if so, write them on the message pad and distribute to the appropriate staff member.

7. Beth, Susan, Lindsey, or Robin may all assign you special projects to carry out.  If you do not already have an ongoing project, please see one of them for guidance on a new project.

8. If you are working the desk, please check that the sign-in sheet is on the desk, that there are plenty of copies of the New Patron Registration and Photocopy forms (found in I:\SpecColl\FORM masters), that there are pencils and gloves available, and that the patron computer is turned on.

**For instructions on specific tasks like greeting visitors, paging materials, teaching correct handling, reshelving, processing new books, fulfilling ILL requests, checking phone messages, using the payment machine, or scanning, please see: I:\SpecColl\Procedures.

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