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OCR for Compound Object - Street Life in London

Remember:  all of the pages are images.  So, the text of the book is saved as images.  OCR only the text pages (not the photographs -- their captions are already transcribed).

  1. Open the metadata file:  I:\SpecColl\CDM_Metadata\Street Life\Street_Life_MD.xlsx

  2. Open the program ABBYY FineReader (Start Menu>All Programs>ABBYY FineReader 9.0>ABBYY FineReader 9.0 Professional Edition)

  3. In the ABBYY program, click on the Icon to "Convert Photo to Microsoft Word"

  4. Open the next image to convert.  Get these images from the external hard drive:  F:\Street_Life\JPEGs

  5. A Word document will open.

  6. Check to make sure that the OCR has captured the text correctly.  Note:  it will be hard for the program to pick up different fonts.  Refer to the source image to ensure that the text is correct.  Make any necessary corrections.  Note:  it is sometimes easier to make the corrections in the Exel file after pasting.

  7. Select all (Ctrl A) 

  8. Copy all (Ctrl C)

  9. Go to the metadata Excel file

  10. Go to the "Transcript" field for the image you just OCR'd.  Click on the top function bar, paste the text (Ctrl P).  

  11. Save the metadata file.

  12. Close the Word file.

  13. Begin the process in ABBYY again with the next page.

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