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Digital Scholarship Services

Staff Schedule

Key Websites and References

Emergencies and Problems

Adding Embargoes and Fixing Special Characters

Rights, Rights URI, Publisher Requirements and Embargoes

  • Transfer from the notes to the appropriate column; fill in the rights URI column based on the content of the rights.

Titles, Abstracts, Languages, Types, DOIs, Sponsors, and Conferences

Coversheets, Files, Dates, and Extent

  1. Use the File Combination Tool

  2. If the dc.format.extent column is blank, add the extent.

  3. Check the value given in the column. If it’s not the YEAR-MO-DY format, put it in that format. If it’s blank, add it using the YEAR-MO-DY format.

  4. Coversheet Template:

Authors, Collections, ORCIDs

Formats, Versions, Publishers



  • Tutorial on keywords

Combining Sets and Moving works from Zotero to a Spreadsheet


Completing a Load and Sending to Tech Support

Training Material

New Staff Orientation and Training

Checking Work

Standard Communication with Faculty

ETD Procedures for Special Collections


ETD Load Procedures

Other Procedures

Affiliation Checking for Increasing Citation Counts

Structure--Setting Up Collections

Permanent URL Construction

New User Notices

Editing Metadata (for catalogers)

 (for ILL and Special Collections, Word Document Download)

Public Libguides Created and Maintained by Digital Scholarship Services

Old Inputting Training Materials

Old/Out-of-Date Procedures

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