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Phase Box Instructions

The covering wraps around the book in two sections,

Start by measuring the book's width, height, and depth,

Decide which section you will cut first, and use the appropriate measurements,

Example:  If you choose the section which wraps around the height, start with that measurement (the books height)

Divide this measurement in half (plus 1", I have found if I add this extra 1" it overlaps better) and round up for any fractions, also allow about an extra ¼ " for folding around edges of the book, mark this along the edge of the covering

From this point continue to measure along the edge the distance for the depth, then continue adding the entire measurement for the height, again add the depth measurement and the measurement for half the height plus the overlap,

Now measure in from the edge the width of the book at each point previously marked (making sure to draw a line horizontally across the covering to represent the heights and depths for later crimping)

This should give you a section that will wrap entirely around the outside of the book.

Using a straight edge ruler and cutting knife, cut along the measured line for the full length of the covering

Repeat this process for the second section using the measurements for the width and depth

Once you have two sections, take these to the basement, using the crimping machine, crimp along the designated lines for the depth which will allow the cover to easily wrap around the book

If you don't want to go to the basement, using a bone tool, crimp the section up and around one of the metal rulers, this also works fine.

Cut string (kept on a large spool in the metal cabinet of room 110) large enough to wrap around the book and its new covering like a ribbon on a package and tie at the middle

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