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Desk Procedures - Paging Materials

1.  Ask patron to complete a call slip including:

  • Collection Name

  • Call Numbers

  • Date

  • Author

  • Title

  • Patron's full name

  • Check at bottom whether they are faculty, staff or student

  • Desk attendant/staff member paging the materials should initial the slip and fill out the number of items

If the patron is not sure what they need, direct them to the patron computer.  Show them where to find the Special Collections databases or the library-wide catalog.  Assist them in using these tools, if necessary, or ask the librarian, archivist or chief curator to help them.

2.   Locate materials from the appropriate collection

  • Remove the white paper slip from the cardboard backing 

  • Place the hard copy on the shelf  where the book would be 

  • Return the paper slip to the plastic box on the entrance desk, filing it under "Items in Use." 

(This helps us keep track of materials being used, and aids in their quick return to the shelf)

3. Always show patrons how to properly use the materials. 


  • Must have a book cradle

  • A book weight/snake should be used to keep pages open

  • When marking pages, use acid free strips

  • If they need copies, write name and page number at top of acid free strip, then fill out copy request form  


  • Gloves must always be worn

  • Always pick up the acid free tissue on top of the photo, DO NOT swipe it across the image

  • Photographs should be picked up from a top and bottom corner, slightly down from the upper and lower edges

  • Image must be kept flat and face-up

    • If patron needs to look at information on back, the photograph may be held up, the same way it is picked up

  • If copies are requested, photos are scanned never photocopied

  • One box of photos may be viewed at a time

Archival Materials:

  • The patron may have one box at the desk at a time

  • Only one folder should be removed from the box at a time

  • Give the patron a placeholder slip to makr where they have removed the folder from the box

  • Items within the folder must be kept in the original order

  • Acid free slips should be used to mark places or indicate where photocopies are desired (items should never be removed from the folder!)

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