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Procedures - Recording Statistics in SC (Students & Staff)

We keep statistics on all of the questions that we answer, as well as about ILL requests, materials that were used by individuals and classes, classes that visit SC, types of patrons, gallery events, and new acquisitions in the Department.  It is important that we document this information as accurately as possible, so that we have a clear understanding of our usage.

Types of Questions

  • Reference/Research:

  • Directional:

Keeping track of statistics

At the front desk (Students and Staff):

  • Make sure that each patron who visits signs in

  • Make sure that a call slip is completely filled out for each item/group of materials that are used by the patron. 

    • Ex:  A patron looks at 4 books (4 separate call slips are made) and two photographers' portfolios (2 separate slips are made for the boxes).

  • Record each transaction that takes place by putting a hash mark (e.g. Reference or Directional) at the correct date on the monthly chart that is taped to the front desk  on the left-hand side.

    • This applies to phone inquiries as well.

  • If a class visits, fill out the Class Use form that  is taped to the right of the computer at the front desk.  Be sure to fill out the date, class name (e.g. ART 326), group type (e.g. undergraduate, graduate, etc.), number of students, and the amount of materials from each collection that were used (e.g. 15 Bafford, 4 Archives).

  • When ILL requests are fulfilled, please ensure that a call slip is made for each item.

    • Also make a hash mark on the monthly chart under "ILL."

Reference questions answered when NOT at the front desk (Staff) 

  • LL, SG, TB, & RM will all have charts to keep track of reference questions that are answered via telephone or email when not working at the front desk.

  • Place a hash mark in the first column indicating the number of reference questions you answered.  In the adjacent columns, mark the amount of materials from which collections you consulted in order to answer the question.

  • At the end of the month, give this form to Robin so that she can tally the number of questions and materials used.

New Acquisitions (Staff)

MSS & Archives (ln.ft) processed & unprocessed:  Lindsey will maintain these statistics and enter them into the statistics spreadsheet (Excel file) at  I:\SpecColl\statistics\STATS FY__

Bound journals & newspapers, theses & dissertations:  Robin will maintain these statistics and enter them into the statistics spreadsheet.  There is a form located at I:\SpecColl\statistics\SerialARCStats.xls which she may use to help keep track, if necessary.

Photographs & images, Photo equipment & realia: Susan will keep track of this and enter into the spreadsheet.

Other (CDs, DVDs, plans, cassettes, etc.):  All will keep track and record in the spreadsheet.

Gallery Events (Staff)

Emily will keep track of the events that take place in the gallery.  They should be separated into:  lectures, exhibits, space usage, and other.  If she would like, we can also keep track of the number of visitors to events.  It is currently not on the spreadsheet, but can be added.

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