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Procedures - Monthly Statistics Report

Statistics are kept by staff members at the front desk and at their own desks (for phone and email requests).   A guide to reference questions vs. directional questions is kept in the binder at the front desk. 

At the end of each month, statistics are entered into a spreadsheet for the fiscal year.  Statistics are kept for reference & directional questions and ILL; photocopy order requests; class usage; and for our visitors (from the sign-in sheet).

*Forms & worksheets for keeping statistics are found at:


At the end of the month:

1.    Collect all paperwork/forms

o  Ref/Directional/ILL papers (kept taped to the main desk in the reading room and to the librarian's, archivist's and technician's desks)

o  Copy request documentation (kept taped to the main desk in reading room)

o  Class  usage form (kept taped to the main desk in reading room)

o  Sign-in sheets for that month (on clipboard)

o  Call Slips (in call slip file on desk)

o  Desk calendar

2.    Print off the "Statistics Monthly Summary," to tally everything, from:

I:\SpeColl\statistics\forms\statistics monthly summary.doc

3.    Once everything is counted, enter the data into:

I:\SpecColl\statistics\stats 07-08\NEW 07-08 STAT SHEET.xls

o  Find the month on the bottom of the spreadsheet and enter it there.

o  Each spreadsheet will go from July - June (fiscal year)

4.    Collect all paperwork and place in an envelope

o   Write the month and year on the envelope

o   Place it in the file cabinet near the staff mailboxes

5. Print out new forms and worksheets for the next month and place them in their proper locations so that staff can keep track of them.

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