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Procedures - Rosenfeld Flag Shelving (temporary)

When you come into work:

  • Check the "FLAGS" box to see if there are any flags to shelve. 

    • This box is located on the "Awaiting New Tags" shelf in Room 104, next to the ILL shelf.

  • The flags will have a handwritten call number on them.  These are for the ROSENFELD collection

  • Shelve each flag at the call number location written on it.

    • These flags correspond to the books waiting for new tags on the "Awaiting New Tags" shelf.  All books with a call number beginning with PZ will be reclassified to have a call number beginning with PR or PS.  

If a patron requests a Rosenfeld book with a PR or PS call number:

  • Check the Rosenfeld stacks at that call number.

    • If the book is already shelved there, retrieve it for the patron according to normal procedures.

    • If there is a yellow flag there with a handwritten call number:

      • First check the PZ section of Rosenfeld.

        • When new call number tags are typed and placed in the book, they will first be shelved here. 

      • If the book is not in the PZ section, look on the "Awaiting New Tags" shelf  (by title and author). It should be there.

When a new call number tag comes back from BMS:

  • Find the corresponding book on the "Awaiting New Tags" shelf, and place the call number tag inside.

  • Take the book to the PZ section of Rosenfeld (although the new call number will be either PR or PS). 

  • Shelve it in the free space in the PZ section.  Please put it in order by call number for those PR or PS books that are in the PZ section.

Once all the books have been given a new call number and tag:

  • We will have to do a major reshifting of the Rosenfeld shelves.  Further instruction will be given at that time. 

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