Prevent grades from posting automatically in Ultra


The default setting is that grades are auto posted. Deselecting this choice requires the instructor to manually post grades for the assessment.

The option to control if a grade auto-posts supports academic integrity. This new option gives control to the instructor to post grades at the right time. When selected, an assessment grade appears to the student as soon as the attempt is graded. To prevent students from viewing grades, the instructor may de-select this option. The instructor may view this new setting in the assessment settings and assessment preview panels. The workflow to post grades manually is still the same.

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Video: Post-Submission controls shows how instructors can control to post grades at the right time.

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1. If "Post assessment grades automatically" setting on the assessment settings panel is selected, then grades will be posted automatically. When this setting is de-selected, the instructor will need to manually post grades. Students will see ‘not graded’ in the grade pill until the instructor posts results. When instructor selects the option to auto post, the post grades button will not appear.

2. Instructors can view the automatic grade posting status indicator on the assessment preview panel.