How do I import test banks and question pools into an Ultra course?


Instructors can import question pools exported from Original courses and publisher-created test banks into their Ultra courses. Once imported, these questions are available for immediate use and reuse across all assessments in the Ultra course. As with any conversion from Original to Ultra, question types that are not yet supported are dropped during the processing of the imported file.

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  1. Access to question banks appears on the Course Content page in the Details & Actions panel.

  2. The Question Banks layer will open. 

  3. Click the Add icon (+) in the upper right corner.

  4. Select the test bank archive from your computer or cloud storage.

  5. The Ultra course will immediately begin to upload and process the test bank.

  6. A list of test banks will appear on the screen after the import process is complete.

Using the Test Banks

  1. Select the Course Content layer to return to your course outline. 

  2. Identify the content folder or learning module where the test will reside.

  3. Click the purple add icon (+) to create content. 

  4. Expand the side layer to select Assessment and choose Test.

  5. Click the purple add icon (+) to select Reuse Question. 

  6. Check the boxes next to the questions you would like to use in the test.

    • Use the filters to identify specific test banks or question types. 

    • Search for questions by keyword.

  7. Click Copy Questions.

The questions will be imported into the designated test.