How do I install Webex on Mac or Windows?

How to Download and Install Webex (macOS)

  1. You can find out which processor your Mac has by going to Apple Menu > About this Mac.

  2. Click here to download Webex.

  3. Click the For MacOS (Intel Chip) or For MacOS (Apple M1 Chip) button under Download Webex: 

  4. Webex will download into your Downloads folder. Once it is finished, double-click it to open the file.

  5. A popup will prompt you to drag Webex into your Applications folder. Do this, then click on the Applications folder to view all of your applications.

  6. Find Webex in your applications and open it.

  7. Your computer may ask if you want to open an application downloaded from the Internet. Click Open.

  8. When the application is opened, enter your UMBC email address and log in to your account using your myUMBC credentials.

How to Download and Install Webex (Windows)

  1. Click here to download Webex.

  2. Click the For Windows (64 bit) button under Download Webex: 

  3. Double-click the Webex.exe file to run the installer:

  4. When the application is finished installing, enter your myUMBC credentials to log in.