Cisco Webex Room Kit or Room Bar

Cisco Webex Room Kit Features:

The Cisco Webex Room Kit combines an AI-powered video conferencing system with built in microphones, speakers, and a 4K camera. This unit can recognize you upon entrance and will follow your voice as you speak and move around the room while utilizing SpeakerTrack camera movement and automatic noise suppression. You can turn this or any feature off from Settings right from the controllers home screen. Webex Room Kit Mini Data Sheet

  • This unit is integrated with UMBC’s Webex platform and identity management system. To use; after starting a Webex Meeting on your computer simply go under the ‘Audio & Video’ tab to: ‘Connect to a Video System…’ Cisco Room Kit will now be in use as your Camera, Microphone and Speaker.

  • System can also be used with a laptop for use with other video conferencing platforms - Zoom, Google Meet, etc. using USB or HDMI cables at anytime for direct connection 

  • Wirelessly display your screen from a Laptop, Android, or iOS device, press the Share button in the middle of the Room Kit main screen, visit the URL listed: <> , enter the 9-character code provided, then see 4-digit return code on top left of Room Kit Screen for confirmation on your device, then share your screen or any tabs or open windows.

When finished, simply disconnect your laptop and walk away, the Cisco Room Kit will put itself to sleep. 

Please call AV Services with any questions or to request an on-site demo: 410-455-2461

To enter an RT Ticket for any service please go to:

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Additional Information

For detailed instructions, visit this FAQ from Cisco:

And The Cisco Room Kit Mini Data Sheet: