How do I Schedule a Zoom or Teams Meeting through Google Calendar for Conference Room Kits?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help:

Add Zoom or Teams Extension by going through the following:

  1. Login to your UMBC account. Go to your UMBC Google Calendar.

  2. Click the plus sign on the right-hand side of the screen.

  1. This will open Google Workspace Market Place where you can find the Zoom and Teams extensions.

  2. Search for either Zoom or Teams. (This example will be done with Zoom. However is the same process for Teams.)

  1. Search "Zoom for Google Workspace™"

  1. Install Zoom for Google Workspace.

  1. Choose your UMBC email as the account for the extension to be added to.

  1. Once you have signed into your account you can allow permissions. After this, you can close the Google Marketplace and return to the calendar.

You have successfully installed Zoom for Google Workspace. For “Microsoft Teams Meeting” it is the same process.

  1. On the calendar select a time to begin scheduling a meeting by clicking an empty space.

  1. A menu for the settings of an event should pop up. Name your meeting and add the participants in the “Add Guest” section by inserting their emails.


  1. Click “Add Video Conferencing.”

  1. Click "Zoom Meeting"

  1. You then will need to login to Zoom with your account information.

After Zoom has been added you should be able to see a meeting ID and passcode.

  1. Click “rooms.”

  1. Search and select the conference room the meeting will be in.

The room kit needs to be added to google calendar in order for scheduled meetings to appear on the touch interface. If your Webex meetings show up there now, your Zoom and Teams ones will also.

  1. Once you have all the correct meeting settings you can click “Save” in the lower right side of the menu.

  1. You will be asked if you want to send invitations to your guests. Click “Send” to notify them of the meeting.

You have successfully set up your Zoom meeting through Google Calendar.