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Registration Process


Where can I find my earliest registration time?

A table showing approximate times for students to register based on credits earned is available now on the Office of the Registrar's website at Select Academic Calendar > Registration Appointments.  You will be able to view your individual earliest registration time via myUMBC  after you have been given advising clearance by your Advisor.

To locate your enrollment, or registration, time in SA after receiving advising clearance, follow these steps:  

  1. Go to myUMBC, select Topics, and select Undergraduate Center.
  2. Click once on Student Schedule.
  3. Click once on the Term Information tab.
  4. Click once on the View my enrollment dates link.
  5. Select the appropriate term, and click Continue.

How do I view my Grades?

Navigate to your respective center (undergraduate or graduate)from the Topics menu or select Classes and Grades. Click on the Student Grades link. Select the desired Term/Semester and click Continue.  Your grades will display on the screen.

How do I view my Unofficial Transcript?

Navigate to Classes and Grades or your respective center. Click on the link for Unofficial Transcript. Use the drop-down menu to select the Report Type: Unofficial Transcript.  Click View Report. The report will open in a separate window. To view this report, make sure your pop-up blockers have been disabled.

How do I see my Course History?

Navigate to your respective center (undergraduate or graduate) and click the link for Course History.  You can sort by one or more criteria using the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Then select Sort.

How do I apply for graduation?

The process for applying for graduation does not change at this time. Students can access the online graduation application and graduation application deadlines via myUMBC under "Degree Information".


Where can I go to get help if I need it during registration? 

If you can't find the answer to your question in these FAQs, contact the offices you have in the past for assistance related to advising, registration and academic records.  The table below will help you decide which office to contact. 

Office of Academic and Pre-Professional Advising

Office of the Registrar

Academic advising for undecided and pre-professional students (and clearance for registration)
Advising on general education and university requirements
Responding to general academic questions for students of any major
Information regarding professional school application protocols
Reviewing requests to enroll in excess credits
Help regarding the major selection process
Conducting workshops on study skills, choice of major, etc.
Conducting advising at orientation for new students
Advising students experiencing academic difficulty

Evaluating transfer credits
Evaluating AP, IB , CLEP exam credit
Maintaining official UMBC transcripts
Troubleshooting any issues related to registration
Posting the schedule of classes each semester
Inter-institutional Enrollment
Verifying full-time status
Withdrawing from the university
Processing verification of transferability forms and residency waivers
Working with faculty on posting grades and processing grade changes
Processing declaration of major forms
Reviewing graduation applications

Phone:  410-455-2729
Location:  Academic Services Building

Phone:  410-455-3158
Email: (general) 
    (degree audit)
*Include student's Campus ID in correspondence

Location:  Academic Services Building


For technical problems (i.e. difficulties logging into myUMBC, forgetting a password, etc.), contact the Helpdesk at 410-455-3838.  

Do I still need to have my advisor clear me for registration?

Yes, you will still need to talk to your advisor and be cleared for registration by your advisor if you are a degree-seeking undergraduate student.  This clearance is not required for Summer or Winter registration.

How do I search for classes?  Can I search by time and day of the week now?

UMBC's new Student Administration system contains helpful search features that allow students to identify classes that fit their time parameters. 
Log on to myUMBC > Student Center > Classes & Grades > Student Schedule/Register for Classes >Search Tab.   You must select two search criteria in order to perform a search. 

Once I am eligible to enroll, how do I add classes?

Log on to myUMBC > Undergraduate or Graduate Center > Student Schedule/Register for Classes > Enroll Tab > Add. 

How do I drop classes?

Log on  to myUMBC > Undergraduate or Graduate Center  > Student Schedule/Register for Classes >Enroll Tab > Drop. 

How do I view my schedule for a future semester or term?

Navigate to myUMBC > Undergraduate or Graduate Center > Student Schedule/Register for Classes > My Class Schedule Tab

 How long will MAP be around and available to me?

MAP (My Academic Profile) will remain available through the conclusion of the Spring 2009 semester.  To view current academic information navigate to the Topics menu and select your respective Center (undergraduate or graduate). Links to various reports and information appear in your center.

 How do I enroll in a class shown as "permission required"?

If a class is shown as "permission required" in the schedule of classes, you will need instructor or department consent in order to register for the class.  You will need this consent to enroll in the class and to be placed on the waitlist.  Contact the department or instructor whose class you would like to enroll in to request permission to enroll in this type of class.  

I got an error "Department Consent Required" when I went to register for a class.

If you try to register for a class and receive the error, "department consent required", it is because you do not have the appropriate permissions to register for the class.  If this occurs;   1. Delete the class from your shopping cart. 2. Obtain consent from the correct department for this class. 3. Go to the Student Schedule and Add the class. Follow the prompts to enroll in the course.

I got an error "Requisites not met" when I went to register for a class.

Prerequisites for some classes are system-enforced.  This means that if you do not meet the enrollment requirements for the class, the system will not allow you to register for the class.  If this occurs;  1. Before deleting the class from your shopping cart, note the class number. (4-digit number). 2.Delete the class from your shopping cart.  3. Contact the instructor or department administrator for the class. A class exception could be granted, but is at the discretion of the instructor or department on a case by case basis. If an exception is granted, enter the permission number given to you when you go to enroll in the class.


 Where can I see any registration "holds" that apply to me, such as "lack of mandatory advising," academically ineligible", "financially ineligible," and so on?

Holds will display in the Alerts section of myUMBC.

I can not find a class in the schedule of classes, and I know that it is being offered this semester.  How can I find it?

When searching for a class in the schedule of classes, the default setting is to search for only 'open' classes, or classes that have seats still available.  If you perform a search for a class and do not see your desired class, ensure that the Open Classes Only checkbox is unchecked before performing your search.   Since you have to select two search criteria before performing a search, if you uncheck the Show Open Classes checkbox, you must select another search criteria before hitting the search button, such as Career.

I have searched for classes, and no results are being returned.  What do I do?

There are two options.  First, ensure that you have unchecked the Show Open Classes checkbox to display all classes.  Second, if you have entered search criteria in Advanced Search to narrow your search results (such as days of the week) reduce some of your search parameters to increase the number of courses that will be returned.   Please note that you must have two types of search criteria in order to successfully perform a search.  Entering a Subject and Career as a starting point is good approach for searching for classes without narrowing your search too much. 

If I add a class to my shopping cart, will my space be reserved in the class?

No, you must complete the registration process to ensure your seat in a class or on a waitlist.

If I have registered for a class with multiple sections (or components - i.e., Lab and Lecture), and I want to change one of the sections of the class, how do I do this?

Student Administration will not permit you to drop one section of a multiple section class.  If you want to change sections in a class, you must drop the entire class, and register for all sections of the class again.

If I add a class to my shopping cart, and then exit from the registration process before completing my registration, will my classes be saved in the shopping cart?

Yes, your classes will remain in your shopping cart until you either delete them or register for them at a later time.

If I perform the steps to swap a class, and the other class is not available, will I still be dropped from my original class?

No, the system does not drop you from the original class unless you successfully add the alternative class. 

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