Course Permissions

Granting Course Permissions

Course permissions are granted for classes for various reasons; enrollment is closed, the student does not meet the prerequisites for the class, or the student is an undergraduate student and wants to enroll in a graduate level class.  When granting an exception, you are overriding enrollment rules that are in the system to all a student to register for a class for which they would not otherwise be able to enroll. 

When granting course permissions for a class that is not permission only, you will be generating permission numbers for the class.  You must provide the student a valid permission number to use during registration.

Training Resources

*Click here*to view the self-paced training video. 

*Click here* to view the quick reference guide. 

*Click here* to view the Granting Exceptions for Pre-req Classes quick reference guide.

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Best Practices

Below are a few suggested best practices. 

  • Click the Save button after generating the permission ID numbers.  Student's cannot register for the class until the permission ID has been Saved.
  • Ensure you are working on the appropriate section of the class.  Use the navigation arrows to scroll between sections.
  • Ensure you have selected the correct checkbox that indicates the reason for granting the exception.