Online Grading2



Online Grading

Grading for all classes is done online in Student Administration, and can be completed from any computer with an internet connection.  All grading must be completed within the designated grading period for each term. 

Online grading is a three step process:

1. Open your grade roster

2. Assign grades for students (this step can be done all at once or incrementally)

3. Submit, or approve, your grades.

Training Resources

*Click here*to view the self-paced training video.  (requires Flash v10 or higher.)

*Click here*to view the quick reference guide.  The guide includes more information than the video, and is recommended to be used either on its own or as a supplement to the video.

Click here to go to the FAQ.

Instructor-led training(ILT) is offered at the end of each term and on a requested basis throughout the year.  The ILT is typically offered as a comprehensive lunch & learn demonstration, and outlines the steps required to enter and approve grades.  To inquire about scheduling an upcoming lunch & learn, contact Susan Dawson at

Best Practices

Below are a few suggested best practices. 

    • GRADES MUST BE ENTERED DURING THE DESIGNATED GRADING PERIOD!  Grades that are not completed during the designated grading period must complete a change of grade form to submit their grades.
    • Ensure you are viewing the correct Term.  The first time you enter your teaching schedule, it will default to the active registration period for the University, which may be different than the grading period.  If the term is not correct, click on the Change Term button and select the appropriate term.
    • All grades do not need to be entered at the same time.  Enter the grades you have, and click Save.  You can return to the grade roster to continue entering grades at your convenience.
    • You can not approve, ie. Submit, grades until all students have been assigned a grade.
    • Grading can occur from any computer that has an internet connection.
    • DO NOT HIT THE BACK BUTTON.  Use the internal navigation on the screen to return to the previous page.  Hint:  most navigation is located at the bottom of the screen.
    • Only listed instructors for a class can enter grades for the class.  If you are unable to enter grades before the end of the grading period, contact the registrar's office for guidance.
    • After completing your grade roster, and changing the status to approved, you must save your changes to submit your grade roster.
    • If you have changes to make to a student's grades after the end of the grading period, you must submit a change of grade form.  This process has not changed.