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View a Class Roster (as an Instructor)

If you are an instructor for a class, you can view your class roster via the Faculty Center in myUMBC.  After logging into myUMBC, select Topics/Faculty Center, and click on the link Teaching Schedule.  Once in your teaching schedule, verify you are viewing the correct Term, and click on the class roster icon.  If the term is incorrect, click on the Change Term button and select the appropriate term.

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Best Practices and General Information

Below are a few suggested best practices.

  • A class roster is not available to be viewed until students are enrolled in the class.  Once one student has registered for a class, you can view a class roster.
  • To print a class roster, you must use your browser print feature.
  • If you are unable to access the teaching schedule, either create an RT ticket requesting security access, or contact the OIT helpdesk at x53838.
  • If you do not see your class listed in your teaching schedule, 1) verify you are looking at the correct term, and if so, 2) contact the scheduling coordinator for your department to be added as an instructor for the class.