Granting Permissions

Classes that are scheduled to ensure all students receive permission prior to enrolling into the class are considered permission only classes.  To grant a student permission to a class that is permission only, you must identify which student will be given permission to enroll in the class.  

Training Resources

Click here to view the self-paced training video. 

Click here to view the quick reference guide. 

Click here to view the Granting Exceptions for Pre-req Classes quick reference guide.

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Best Practices

Below are a few suggested best practices.

  • If you do not know the student's Campus ID, use the Lookup feature in the Faculty Center.  
  • Click the save button after adding each student.  Student's cannot register for the class until their name has been added to the permission list AND the list has been saved.
  • Ensure you are working on the appropriate section of the class.  Use the navigation arrows to scroll between sections.