Students Registration and Academic Info

Student Registration and Academic Information

At various times during the academic year students register for classes, monitor their class schedule and review academic information. The links below provide students with a quick way to learn how to perform registration activities and access student academic information.

Student Registration

Student Registration Videos 

Student Registration Quick Reference Guides

Finding your Enrollment Appointment Time

Viewing Student Grades

Add/Register for a Class

Add a Class

Drop a Class

Drop a Class

Swap a Class

Swap a Class

Search for Classes
(this video describes how to search for classes
in the Class Schedule, not how to register for classes.)

Waitlisting for a Class


Adding a Multiple Component Class


Adding a Variable Credit Class


Entering a Permission Number for a Class


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Student Academic Information Quick Reference Guides

Student Advising Profile

Transfer Credit Report

Degree Audit Report

What-If Degree Audit Report

Student Grades

Course History

Running the Transfer Credit Degree Progress Report  (for pre-matriculated admit students.)

Unofficial Transcript