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Welcome to the Student Administration Support (SA) Website.  This site serves as a comprehensive resource portal for SA information relevant to faculty users.  Here you will find project updates and other communications, training materials designed for faculty users and important contacts.

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Archived Communications

 SA Access Request Forms

Click on a link to download the SA Access Request form for a specific area.

SA Policy and Request Forms

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SA Team Members

Below is a list of the current SA Team Members.  If you experience a problem with SA, you are encouraged to submit a ticket using the "click here to report a problem with SA" link above.




Yvette Mozie Ross

Project Director

Arnold Foelster

Technical Lead

Pam Hawley

Support Team Member

Ralph Caretti

Support Team Member

Molly Burdusi

Support Team Member

Greg SabaSupport Team

Jeff Newton

Technical Support 

Ed KellyTechnical

Dondre Hatef

Technical Support


Academic Advisory Committee

Members of a new Academic Advisory Committee have been appointed by the Provost and the Deans to streamline faculty input for SA Phase II activities.  The following members of our community have agreed to serve on the SA Academic Advisory Committee:

Taryn Bayles  (Professor of the Practice, Chemical & Biochemical Engineering)

Melanie Berry  (Program Director, Visual Arts)

Cathy Bielawski  (Director, Undergraduate Student Services, COEIT)

Anne Brodsky (Assoc. Dean, CAHSS)

Michele Bulger  (Academic Advisor, Biological Sciences)

Grace Calvin (SGA Representative)

Jessica Hammond (Assistant Athletic Director, Athletics)  

Amanda Knapp (Academic Program Specialist)

Jeff Martens  (Lecturer, Information Systems)

Carole McCann  (Professor and Director, Gender & Women Studies)

Rada, Roy (Professor, Information Systems)

Joe School  (Cartographic Services Director, Geography & Environmental Systems)

Stacey, Simon (Director, Honors College)

John Stolle-McAllister  (Associate Professor, Modern Languages, Linguistics & Intercultural Communication)

Training Materials

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