How can I shorten the URL guest link for a Class Collaborate session?

The Class Collaborate guest link is rather long. URL shorteners reduce the number of characters and make it easier for you and your guests to remember how to access the session. Note: Must URL shortening services are free to use, and some even offer customized links, but if you want to track analytics or keep your links private, some also require free membership.

The guest link should NOT be shared with students. A guest link is open to anyone, which means anyone can enter your session and disrupt your virtual class. Share the guest link with trusted visitors and direct students to use the join link provide in the course. See → How do students access my Class Collaborate session or course room?

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  1. Go to any link shortener tool – there are many options, but a few we recommend are:

  2. Paste the guest link in the designated area.

  3. Share the short URL with guests via email or presentation.

Quick TinyURL Creator

Use this Tiny URL form to quickly create a randomized shortened link: 

If you want to create a customized link, some link shortening tools will let you do so, but you may need to go directly to their websites or create an account. When you create a customized link, you can specify the extension of your shortened link instead of getting randomized characters.