Acrobatiq is an adaptive content platform with learning analytics. It offers a single-sign on integration with Blackboard. Faculty must have a link from their Acrobatiq representative and an Acrobatiq course shell to pair with the Blackboard course.

When you click the link to Acrobatiq through Blackboard, you are automatically enrolled in the Acrobatiq course and do not have to create an account.

If you have any technical issues, please contact Acrobatiq's support. Make sure you provide:

  1. Your name and UMBC email (

  2. The URL of the page where the student is experiencing difficulty. The UMBC course name or courseID is not sufficient for identifying the Acrobatiq course

  3. Your browser and version as well as your computer's operating system and version

  4. A clear description of the problem, using as much specificity as possible. For instance, if you say the system isn't marking your answers correct when it should, be sure to identify the question text and the answer options you chose.