How do I split or merge my Blackboard course?


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A Bb course shell will exist for all courses (except for those designated as RES, THE, or IND) in the Schedule of Classes (SOC) with an instructor of record listed.

  • By default, if an instructor is teaching two or more sections of the same course, those sections will be combined into one Bb course shell. Instructors can request via RT that these sections be split into separate shells.

  • Courses that are combined or cross-listed in the SOC will be combined into one Bb course shell by default.  Instructors can request that these sections be split into separate shells. (Note: summer sessions I and II are considered the same semester)

  • Instructors can also request via RT ticket to merge their courses.

All split / merge requests require a roster purge from the Blackboard course shell and subsequent refresh, which occurs overnight. Therefore, requests for splits or merges after student engagement or assessment occurs may result in loss of important data. No course content is removed.


To ensure your split / merge request is processed before the first day of class, please submit your RT at least one week before the semester starts. Split/Merge requests cannot be processed after the 10th day of the semester.

It is not possible to automate split / merge requests for shells from semester to semester. Instructors must submit new requests every semester.