How do I upload files to Box?

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To benefit from Box’s powerful sharing, storage, and access features, the first thing you will need to do is upload files or folders into your account.

To upload files to Box please follow one of the two methods below.

Method 1: Add Files

1. To upload a file to your Box account, click the 'Upload' button in the upper-right of the file display area.  Make sure you are in the folder you wish to upload the file to.

2. Select the Files or Folders button depending on which option you want.

3. This will show you the files on your computer in a pop-up window. Locate the file you would like to upload as you would when you select a file to attach to an email, and then click 'Open'. The file will now appear in your upload window. To upload it to your Box account, click the 'Upload' button at the bottom of the window.

Method 2: Drag and Drop

1. To upload files and folders using the Drag and Drop feature, simply select a file from your computer and drag it to the file area or a specific folder within Box.

Drag and drop allows you to upload multiple files as well as folders and folder structures in one step.

There is a 15 GB size limit on uploads

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