I have exceeded my allocated Blackboard quota. Can I request a quota increase?

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All courses are allotted 500 MB of storage. Requests for a one-time quota increase of 250 MB are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please note our individual file upload limit.

To request an increase, please submit an RT ticket request to DoIT Information Technology. Include the following:

  • Course name

  • Course section as assigned in the UMBC schedule of classes (SOC)

You must be the instructor of record as identified in the SOC.

If you require more storage for your course for large files or use lots of multimedia content in your course, DoIT recommends migrating your content to Box cloud storage. Blackboard is not a streaming server and cannot handle effectively distribute multimedia files. Please see this article on linking Box storage to your Blackboard course.

TIP: If you coordinate a course for your program or department, or if you would like to develop a master course template, please request a development shell via RT ticket.

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