What does progress tracking look like to students?

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Progress tracking allows students to track their course progress related to your course content, assignments, and tests. It is automatically available in all Ultra courses at the global level and cannot be turned off. An item’s progress status displays within a circle which changes based on the student's progress:

  • Empty when the student hasn't accessed the item yet

  • Partially filled when the student opened the item or accessed the item through Ally

  • Green checkmark when the student completed the item

Students can manually mark items such as documents, uploaded files, or links. Once students submit graded items like assessments, tests, journals, or discussions, the progress tracker will automatically mark them as complete.

When items are contained within a learning module, students will see a summary of their progress with number to indicate how many items they've completed or started out of the module’s total. Completed items are in blue, started items are in black, and unopened items are in gray. When all items in a module are completed, the entire folder is automatically marked as complete.

The Ultra course interface will not allow students to check off any item that has not been opened or completed.