How can I speed up my internet connection?

Having problems with network speed at your home while trying to work or learn? Experiencing broken video or audio? Here are some tips to get a better experience:

Your environment

  1. Ask family/roommates to refrain from streaming movies or any other high data use activities.

  2. Turn off non-essential “smart devices”.

  3. Reboot your internet router.

  4. Use a wired connection (if possible). If using Wifi, try to be as close to the router as possible.

  5. Toggle your laptop wifi connection off, then back on to reset your connection.

Your computer

  1. Disable non-essential programs that auto-load when you start your computer.

  2. Close all applications that are not currently needed.

  3. Clear your browser cache.

  4. Reboot your computer every morning.

Webex, Collaborate (and any application using your camera and microphone)

  1. Turn off your virtual background. This feature makes you computer work harder, especially if you are trying to cover up a cluttered background.

  2. Use the PC’s device settings to lower the camera’s resolution prior to starting the meeting (ie. drop to 720p or 480p instead of 1080p).

  3. Share your camera and microphone only when needed.

  4. Use your cell phone or landline for the audio portion - very useful if you cannot do any troubleshooting while in call. Webex audio settings

  5. Good lighting - shine a desk lamp at the wall behind your computer to get soft reflected light on your face. Alternatively, put your computer in front of a north-facing window. Your camera will not have to work as hard and you will look better.

  6. Simple background - reduce the clutter behind you or at least remove the light from hitting it. Less information to send, and easier for the camera to focus.

  7. Using a headset is preferred, Users without headsets should be sure to be in a quiet area to prevent background noise.

  8. Record sessions so attendees can review what they may have missed. Upload presentations and scripts where attendees can find them. (others may have problems with connection - keep them in mind too)

  9. Mute attendees in large sessions or modify session settings (link to Webex / Collab FAQs).

  10. If possible in your application, monitor the connection status of attendees and/or chat to see if anyone may be missing anything. In Collaborate, keep the Attendees panel open to make this easier.