Using GlobalProtect VPN with Android Devices

  • The UMBC VPN will let you access protected resources on the network, even when you're away from campus.

  • The GlobalProtect VPN replaces the older PulseSecure VPN service. You can delete the PulseSecure software from your device when GlobalProtect is set up.

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  1. First, download the software from the Google Play Store(You want "GlobalProtect" by Palo Alto Networks, not "GlobalProtect Legacy", or any software by other developers.)

  2. Once it's installed, tap on its icon from the Home Screen to open it. 

     You will be prompted to enter the Portal Address.

  3. Enter and tap Connect

  4. Next you will see the standard UMBC login page. Enter your campus username and password and tap Log In. If your account has Duo 2-factor authentication enabled, you will be prompted for that as well. 

  5. You will see a prompt that GlobalProtect wants to set up a VPN connection. Click OK.

  6. After authenticating, you should see this screen showing that you are connected to the VPN: 

  7. You can disconnect from the VPN by tapping the button in the middle of the app.