How do I enable Collaborate in student groups?

Collaborate is only available in an Ultra group if a conversation is enabled for the Ultra assignment. Faculty can view and participate in the conversations for each group or the class. 

Conversations are sidebar discussions that do not appear on the discussions page. If you enable class conversations for individual content items, students can discuss the content with you and their classmates. They can ask for help, share sources, or answer questions others have. As the conversation develops, it appears only with the relevant content. 

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  1. Create the Ultra assignment. See How do I create an Ultra assignment?

  2. Click the gear icon to open the additional settings panel.

  3. Check the box next to Allow class conversations for the Ultra assignment

  4. Select Assign to groups to reveal the student list panel. 

  5. Click Show All to view the entire list of students.

    1. Depending on your need and preference, you can create groups that are randomized or customized. You can also reuse an existing group from another graded activity.

    2. Remember: Students who aren't assigned to a group won't have access to the group assignment because it won't appear on their Course Content pages.

  6. After groups are assigned, click SAVE to close the panel.

  7. Click DONE to close the group assignment.

Ultra Groups, Conversations & Collaborate

To view a Group's conversations, select the group from the dropdown menu. Select the group title to access the list and make a selection. A purple circle indicates new activity.

To open the group's Collaborate room, select the Open Collaborate room icon, which looks like a camera.

TIP: If you do not want groups to submit a digital assignment, use the offline assignment setting to allow the groups to use Collaborate and discussions. This will also provide students with the assignment parameters, rubric, etc., as well as a grading column.

REMINDER: What can I do with Groups in Ultra?

What you CAN do with Groups in Ultra

What you CAN'T do with Groups in Ultra

What you CAN do with Groups in Ultra

What you CAN'T do with Groups in Ultra

  • Create Groups one at a time or in sets

  • Add students to multiple Groups

  • Set up a Group discussion (e.g., conversations)

  • Set up a Group assignment

  • Set up a Group test

  • Send students a Group message

  • Automatically provide students with a Group accessible Collaborate session

  • Import students into Groups

  • Filter the gradebook by Group

  • Allow students to initiate a Group message

  • Set up a Group area for students

  • Set up a conditional availability rule for Groups

  • Convert Original Groups to Ultra Groups

The Groups tool is expected to evolve with feedback from faculty – tell us what you'd like to see and what is essential to your teaching process so we can let the Blackboard developers know!