How do I improve my accessibility score in Ally?

Once you know the accessibility score, you can begin to explore the accessibility issues and improve your content to raise the score. Accessible documents are important for all audiences, and Ally gives you the tools to understand common issues and improve your course files.

For files with Low to High scores, Ally shows you the issues and gives a step-by-step guide on how to fix them. Find a file and select the Accessibility score to view the Instructor Feedback panel.

Ally will be available in both Ultra and Original courses for summer 2019 and beyond.

How to Review the Instructor Panel for a File

The Instructor Feedback panel provides everything you need to understand and fix the accessibility issues in your file.


    1. Accessibility score: See the overall score for the entire file. Select All Issues to see every issue in the file. This view shows you by how much the score can improve by fixing each issue. Find the issue you want to start fixing and select Fix. Description of issue and step-by-step help: See the description for an issue with the file.

    2. Select What this means to learn more about the issue.

    3. Select How to and follow the steps to improve the file's accessibility.

      • These instructions change depending on the file and the accessibility issues found. For example, with a PDF you may see instructions on how to make the PDF tagged. Select How to Make a PDF Tagged.

    4. Upload: Upload updated files to replace the existing one.