Capturing Voicemail and Call Processing Settings

  • The simplest way to capture the your Voicemail greeting, saved voicemails, call processing or call tree settings is to make an audio recording.

  • At the bottom of this page are suggested Apps and Devices to perform a recording.

  1. Call into your voicemail or call processing box.

  2. Prepare your recording device.

  3. With your phone on speaker navigate to the message or settings you wish to record.

  4. Begin recording at the start of the message.

  5. Once you have completed the capture be sure to playback the recording checking for volume and clarity.

Suggested Recording Devices

  • Voice Memos is installed on all IPhone devices.

  • Titanium Recorder is available for free in Playstore on all Android phones,

  • Inexpensive recording devices may be purchased from Amazon.