What is the difference between course availability and course completion?

Instructors can set Ultra courses to these states:

  • Open: You can open a course when you're ready for students to participate.

  • Private: You can make a course private while you add or experiment with content, and then open it to students when you're ready. Students see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them. Private courses appear with a gray instructor image and a diagonal line. 

    NOTE: You cannot make a course private during an active term. If a student needs access to a course, you can customize course availability.

  • Complete: You can choose to set your course to Complete when the course has ended, but you can no longer make changes to it. Students can access the content, but they can't participate in the course any longer. For example, they can't reply to discussions or submit assignments. Complete applies to the Ultra courses only.

    NOTE: You can return the course to Open or Private as you want. However, if a course has an end date, and the end date passes, then students can't access the course any longer. So, if you complete a course and open it again after the end date, students can't access it. Please open an RT ticket if you need to open a course again to students after it ends.

  • Hide: You can choose to hide a course from your course list to organize your view. Hiding a course only changes your course list. 

You can also filter courses by those you are teaching and those you are taking. Use the ▼ filter next to the Current Courses header on the Courses page to change the filter to a specific term.